Troping Through the Snow by Alexa Riley



The best thing about romance is falling in love with your favorite trope. That's why we've created the town of Troping, where there's love for everyone.

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Tinsel is the town sheriff in Troping and she loves her job. The only downside is her brother's best friend Jack, who also happens to be her nemesis. He does everything he can to get under her skin, but she's always got a ticket ready to pass out to annoy him right back.

Jack has been in love with Tinsel since his best friend first brought him home for the holidays. The only problem is keeping his distance when all he wants to do is hold her close. For years he's kept his control, but it's not going to last much longer. How can a woman who is hell-bent on making his life miserable be the woman of his dreams?

Warning: Enemies to lovers and brother's best friend were never so much fun! Come with us to Troping, where you'll find all the best stories!



He’s here again, and this time he’s not alone. Jack pulls up next to my patrol car in his fancy SUV that costs more than some people’s houses. Emily, who works the front desk and is Jack’s right hand, sits in the passenger seat.

That’s the second day in a row they’ve come to Snow Baked together to get their morning fix of coffee and some kind of delicious pastry. I’m here every morning but mostly because I live above the place. Who am I kidding? Even if I didn’t, I’d still be here for my morning sugar cookie coffee.

Emily used to come alone to collect Jack’s order, but now they’re coming together. Why? Emily isn’t even from Troping. I suppose neither is Jack, but he and my brother are best friends, and he’s been around for years.

When my brother North came home from college, he brought Jack with him. Jack decided to open a snow resort for people who visited the town during the holiday. He’s also pretty busy in the summer too when we do Christmas in July. Troping is always decked out in holiday cheer because no one takes down their lights. If they do, it’s because they’re changing them out for a new color.

The first time I met Jack was when North brought him home for the holidays their freshman year in college. I remember being excited that my brother was bringing someone home. He’d told me that Jack lost his parents and didn’t have anyone to spend the break with. I felt terrible and went out of my way to make him feel welcome. I even made sure he had gifts under the tree so he wouldn’t feel left out on Christmas morning.

Wrong. Jack was more of a Jack-ass. My brother failed to mention Jack was a rich prick from the city. The very second I met him, he was an asshole, but for some reason, I’m the only one that gets that side of him.

It really stings because when he first walked into my parents’ house, my heart gave this tiny little flutter. I was sure it was the same feeling Mom told me she got when she met Dad and how she knew he was the one. Well, if Jack is the one, I’d rather live out my life alone. Guess I’ll die a virgin while I’m at it.

Why he moved here when my brother came back after college, I have no freaking clue. But then he went and opened the snow resort, which kept confusing me. It’s even worse because although I wanted to hate the place, it’s so stinkin’ adorable. It’s also nice for people to have a place to stay when they pass through our town. The holidays are what keeps this town alive and thriving. Then in the off season we get to lie back and enjoy our small town all to ourselves. I love how we get a bit of both worlds in the town of Troping.

“You’re glaring,” Frostie says from behind the counter.

We’ve been best friends our whole lives. She took over the bakery from her grandma two years ago, right when I became a deputy. We share the apartment over the bakery, and I keep watch over the town while she keeps the people fed.

Pretending to find my coffee super interesting, I stare down at it as Emily and Jack get out of the vehicle. I don’t want to be caught staring. I don’t have to look to know that Emily will be dolled up. How does she do that? Honestly, I’m impressed. Most of the time she’s in heels too while I can barely get myself to put on some mascara and lip gloss. My hair is usually pulled back to stay out of my face, but Frostie actually braided it for me this morning.

I want to hate Emily, but it’s not her fault. Even if I want to choke Jack, I can’t stop the attraction I have for him, and it pisses me off. Why do they look so perfect side by side? Emily is always nice to me, and I hate it. Why can’t she be a bitch?

Jack usually wears a suit or some sweater that fits snugly. He must use the gym at the resort since it’s the only one in town. Of course he lets everyone use it even if they aren’t staying at the resort because he’s so nice. I roll my eyes thinking about it.

“Morning, Tins!” Emily chirps as she enters the bakery.