Corrupt by Aubree Valentine


Chapter 1

The beat of the music in the club pulses around me the minute I walk through the door.

I hand over my leather jacket to the hostess and make my way straight to the bar. First thing’s first. I need a drink.

The bartender sees me coming and smiles, “The usual Mr. Walker?”

“You know it,” I nod.

He quickly pours two fingers of Macallan in a glass and passes it back to me. “Enjoy.”

“Planned on it,” I shoot him a wink. Yes, I’m the slut that hooked up with the bartender. More than once.

What can I say, Tucker’s a good guy and a whole lot of fun. We’re much better suited as acquaintances though.

With my back to the bar, I scan the room and take in everything around me. It’s still early so the club isn’t in full swing just yet, but there are plenty of regulars here already in the middle of scenes and enjoying themselves.

There’s one guy in particular that I’m looking for though.

Marco’s handsome face comes into view on the far side of the room. He’s alone and scrolling through his phone.

Not for long.

Swallowing down the rest of my drink, I set the glass on the bar and make my way across the room. I know the moment he senses me coming because he immediately pockets his phone and casts his eyes downward.

“Have you done what I asked?” I lean in to whisper in his ear.

“Yes, Sir.”

My cock twitches to life behind the zipper of my black slacks.

This is exactly what I need tonight and Marco understands completely. I think that has been the best part of our whole relationship. On nights when I need to be the man on top, he lets me. And when I need to be the one being taken care of, pushed to my limits - or beyond, he’s up for the challenge too.

“Good boy,” I reward him with a playful bite on his chiseled chin.

I turn my back to him and begin walking away, knowing that he’ll follow.

We pass the open play area and I lead us into the dimly lit hallway where the private rooms are. Three doors down, I slid the room key from my pocket and open the door to the room I’ve reserved for our evening.

When the door shuts behind us, Marco falls to his knees and waits for my instructions. An array of some of our favorite toys lay on a nearby dresser, ready and waiting to be used. I can already picture Marcus bound with my handcuffs, a ball gag in his mouth while he begs for me to let him come.

But first, my little submissive needs to take care of the raging hard on I’ve been sporting since the moment Marco slipped into his role.

“Crawl to me,” I demand, pleased when he does just that. “Now, take my cock out and suck it.”

Marco doesn’t hesitate to do what’s asked of him. My cock springs free from its confines and his hands wrap around my girth just before his mouth is on me.

“Take it. Take all of me,” I ground out with my hand on the back of his head, forcing his face down even further.

The sound of Marco gagging spurs me on toward the release I’ve been craving.

I’m teetering right on the edge when my cell phone starts buzzing in my pocket. The vibration so close to my balls is more than enough to push me past the point of no return.

Macro swallows as much as he can, the rest oozes past his lips and drips onto the floor until I’m completely drained.

As my dick slides from his mouth with a loud pop, my phone starts buzzing again.

I want to enjoy the moment. The way Macro looks on his knees, my cum still running down his chin but whoever is on the other end of the line isn’t giving up.

“Damnit,” I curse out loud when I catch the number on the screen. I have no choice but to take the call.

“Walker, we’ve got a lead. We need you to come in right away.”

“Gonna need about thirty minutes, give or take,” I let my handler know.

“Right. The sooner the better, but do what you’ve got to do,” he advises.

I toss the phone on the bed and run a hand over my head. “Goddamnit.” I can’t leave Marco like this. He deserves more and I owe him some kind of explanation. I extend my hand and help Marco off the floor where I can talk to him face to face. “That was work,” I sigh.

Marco nods.

“You’re free to speak,” I tell him.

“I get it. These things happen.”

“They do, but I should take care of you first.”

He chuckles. “With all due respect, Sir. It’s going to take a lot longer than thirty minutes for both of us and you know it.”

Running my hand across his face and wiping away the last little drop from his slips, I grin. “Yeah. That’s true. I had big plans for us tonight.”

“I was looking forward to it, but you have to do what you have to do. I’ll take a rain check.”

“Right. A rain check.” I glance down at the ground and back up to his face. “Are you sure that you’re okay? I don’t want to leave you like this.”

“Oh Jax, I could go off like a bottle rocket in five seconds or less just from the memory of sucking your cock and swallowing all your cum.”

“Don’t you dare,” I warn him. “Do not touch yourself. Rain check. Remember?”

Marco rolls his eyes. “I had to open my mouth.”

“Rain check. Hands off,” I remind him then place a hard kiss on his lips. “I need to run, but I’ll be in touch. Pun intended.”

“Funny guy,” he laughs and shoves me toward the door. “Go on. Get.”