The Alpha by Jenika Snow




Iwasn’t a man. Not human, but something else, more powerful. Deadly. The strongest Otherworld creature that was known to walk the planet.


My Lycan’s distorted growl reverberated through my skull, my body locked tight, my focus sharper than it had ever been in the over two and a half centuries I’d walked this world.

It was her voice that had my inner beast rising in a way I’d never felt or experienced before, causing a pain unlike anything I could have imagined. I thought he was strong before, but hearing her voice made him exponentially so, as if I housed a hundred Lycans within me, and I’d destroy anything or anyone who thought to keep her from me.

My hand was lifting on its own as I gripped my shirt, right over my heart. The organ was racing, pounding something painful and fierce as I moved closer to the source of the loveliest, most beautiful sound I'd ever heard.

And then I was standing there, staring at Caelan’s mate as she held a cell phone and panned it around the interior, showing off the wealth and luxury of the Scottish Lycan king’s estate.

My animal pushed and clawed forward. I felt my eyes flash as he took supremacy.

She’s ours. We found her.