Alicia’s Vengeance by Lila Fox

Chapter One


Stone, Taz, and Gunner walked into the bar named Charlie’s on the outskirts of the town they lived in. It was the raunchiest one around, and they usually went there to get rid of some of their aggression because Striker, their MC prez, got pissed when they fought and broke furniture or got blood everywhere in the club.

Striker didn’t give a fuck about the outside of the club, but their fights were instantaneous and inside.

Stone grinned. The crowd was perfect for what they needed. At first, all he saw were rough, aggressive, redneck men.

Part of their aggression was due to the monotony of their lives at the moment. They usually went on runs, transporting drugs and guns, but Striker was moving toward more lucrative and legal businesses, and boredom set in quickly. At least for him.

He would usually take out his aggression on one of the whores. A good hard fuck did wonders for him. But lately, he didn’t want to use the pussy at the club because everyone else’s cock had been in them.

He wiped a hand down his face. His attitude had to do with Kristina coming to live with them. He envied the fact that Striker was the only one who got to fuck her, and she was so sweet and giving toward him. Hell, she took care of all of them in small ways. She cooked and made sure they ate and was there to patch them up when they got hurt. She cared about all of them.

It was something he never had. He’d grown up in an apartment with a deadbeat mom who lived off welfare and was a hooker on the side to get her drugs. He’d never known his father and never would unless he DNA-tested half the men in the state because his mom had been with many of them.

In the back of his mind, the thought was he’d come to the bar to fight and hopefully get hurt enough that Kristina would take care of him. He didn’t have romantic feelings for her. Fuck, he didn’t have a death wish. Striker would kill him if he ever thought one of his men wanted his woman. Kristina was beautiful, but Stone thought of her as a sister. He just craved the TLC she gave them.

“Fuck, man, some of the Black Demons are here tonight,” Taz said, pointing across the room.

“Hell, yeah.” Stone was almost giddy with the thought of beating the pricks into the ground.

“There’s only seven of them,” Gunner said. “I’m not going to break a sweat tearing them apart. Fuck.”

Stone snorted. “Still, it’s a win-win for us. We get to play and hopefully wipe a few of them from the earth.”

Taz slapped him on the back. “I’ll buy the first round.”

Stone nodded and continued to scan the vast room when a small figure wearing a hooded sweatshirt ran into him, sending him back a few feet.

“Jesus Christ, kid.”

“Fuck off,” the kid said and tried to push against the hand he had wrapped around him.

“Now, that’s no way to make friends,” Stone said.

“I don’t want to make friends, asshole. Now, let me go.”

Someone bellowed out in rage across the room. The kid instantly stiffened and then fought to get away.

“Hey, who’d you piss off?”

“None of your fucking business.”

Stone looked over to see a few of the Demons tearing apart the area in the back.

“You pissed them off?”

“Goddammit, let me go. They’ll kill me.”

“Hold up, kid.” Stone could feel the fear that came from the kid. “What the fuck did you do?”

“I stole their money and cut one of them.”

Stone’s eyes widened. Jesus, if the kid got caught, the things they would do to him would give him nightmares, and he was a mean motherfucker.

“Gunner, help me hide the kid until I can get him out of here.”

Gunner placed himself in front of them so the kid was against the wall, but no one could see him.

“Let me go,” the kid begged.

“Listen, it’s too late for you to run. We’ll help you, but you’ve got to shut the fuck up and stay still.”

The guy settled down, but Stone could tell he’d run if he let go of him.

Taz came back with three beers. “What the fuck happened to the Demons? They’re all ready to murder everyone, and one of them is on the ground bleeding to death.”

Stone’s eyebrows rose, and then he glanced down at the kid. “You killed one of them, kid?”

“Yes, and I’ll do my best to take every one of them out before I die.”

“Jesus, you’ve got some balls, dude,” Taz said and took a drink from his bottle.

Stone watched as four men carried out one of them, and he was clearly dead. The other two followed close behind them with murder in their eyes.

Gunner grunted. “I guess that means we’re not going to have any fun tonight.”

Stone shook his head. “No, we need to get him out of here before the whole club comes back and tears the place apart.”

“Gunner and I will bring your bike behind the bar. While you two ride off, I’ll take him back to get his bike, and then we’ll follow.”

“Let’s go.” Stone started dragging the kid behind the bar, down a hallway, and then out the back door. It was a minute before he heard the bikes.

“Let me go, fucker.” The kid started fighting again.

“Not until I find out what’s going on.”

“It’s none of your fucking business.”

“I’m making it my business, brat.”

Taz got off Stone’s bike, and Stone immediately lifted the kid onto the back.

“If you try to run or jump off, I’ll drag your scrawny ass down the road. Got it?”

The kid cursed but stayed on the bike. Stone revved it and took off. Taz and Gunner caught up with them a few minutes later. They pulled into the compound and shut off the bikes.

“Close the gate for now. Someone might have seen us take the kid, and then we’ll have the Demons coming to shoot us up. I’d love a shootout with them, but first, Striker has to be aware of the situation.”

Taz nodded and slid the gate closed as Stone dragged the kid into the back of the club and straight into Striker’s office.