Mafia Kings: Dario by Olivia Thorn



Ilived a quiet and boring life working in my father’s tiny café in Tuscany…

Until the night he walked in.

Il Mostro.

‘The monster.’

The devilishly handsome mafia don Dario Rosolini.

He and his brothers run this region of Italy… and they take everything they want.

Apparently il Mostro thought that applied to me, as well.

From the beginning, he made clear to his brothers that I was his, and ONLY his.

But I was sheltered before I met him – a good Catholic girl.

Now I faced the devil himself.

The only thing protecting me was a promise he made to my father…

The same night he spirited me away to his dark fairytale estate.

No matter how many temptations he put in my path, though, I swore never to give in.

Not just because I’m afraid of him (although I am)…

But because, deep down, I grew to desire him…

To want him more than anything I had ever wanted in my entire life…

With a fire that threatened to consume me like the flames of hell.

But I know what he is.

A mafioso.

A murderer.

He is il Mostro… the beast… the devil himself.

And no matter how much I might want him…

Giving in to him will ruin me forever.