Sinner’s Redemption by Rebecca Joyce

Chapter Eight


“What do we know?”

Mercy looked up at me before opening the folder sitting beside him. Sitting at my kitchen table I’m surrounded by Mercy, Fury, Payne and Happy. As Mrs. Alice served us breakfast, Mercy began, “Okay, your son, York Devlin Stone, was born on December 25, 2021, at nine fifty-seven in the evening. Vaginal birth, no complications. Kid weighed in at seven pounds, three ounces and twenty-three inches long. York is eighteen months old and, according to his pediatric file, he is a normal healthy kid. Malice snuck into the penthouse last night and took this,” Mercy said, sliding a picture across the table of my son sleeping in his crib.

“Fuck, Prez. Kid is the spitting image of you,” Payne said, leaning over to look.

“Kids got good genes.” Happy commented.

“What else?” I asked, pocketing the picture.

“The roommate, Tia Andrews, was the college roommate to Ava Romano. Tia is an actress who made a name for herself when she starred in that action flick, Jailbreak. The girls attended a party given by Boris Petrovitch two weeks after the movie released. Two days later, Tia was on a flight to West Virginia and Ava was missing. The penthouse is in Tia’s dead mother’s name. Tia rarely leaves the apartment. She has no cellphone that I could find. She spends her days helping Tessa with York.”

“How is she paying the bills?”

“That’s where things get interesting. Tia owns the penthouse outright. However, some marketing firm in England pays the bills. Her bank account is empty, but she spends money like it’s going out of style. The girl has a serious online shopping addiction.”

“What about Tessa?”

“I asked Pippen to do some digging, and he is following a lead. Romano was right. Someone is blacklisting Tess. Every hospital in the city flat out refuses to hire her. Tessa only has a few hundred in the bank. What money she makes goes straight to paying her mother’s medical bills and what’s left goes into her savings. It’s not much, Montana. Her mother didn’t leave her anything. Just a bunch of mementos and an enormous pile of bills. The bank took the trailer and the car. Basically, Tessa is broke.”

“Pay the medical shit. What about the other stuff?”

“After leaving you, Tessa enrolled in a state school to finish her residency program while taking care of her mother. She received a fellowship to Charleston Memorial, in West Virginia right before her mother died, but passed it up to move here. Honestly, Montana, there was no reason for Tessa to move back here. She could have stayed in West Virginia, and you’d never know about York.”

“Then why did she move back here?”

“My opinion. Because she didn’t have any other choice. The bank took everything. With the mounting medical bills, Tessa was homeless. Living with Tia and Barney giving her a job allowed Tessa to find some balance.”

“I want Pippen working twenty-four-seven on who blacklisted Tessa. When he finds the fucker, let me know. Also, have August meet us at the club when we arrive. I want verification that York is mine. Though, I don’t think I need it. But rules are rules.”

“What are you going to do about Tess?” Happy asked, concerned. I knew the old bastard liked Tessa. Had a soft spot for her. Hell, all my brothers loved Tessa, even Malice, and that fucker didn’t like anyone.

“She knew the rules and broke them.”

“Montana,” he cautiously said. “Her mother was dying. You can’t blame her for leaving.”

“No, I can’t but I can punish her for keeping my son from me,” I stated firmly, getting to my feet. “If we are done, I will see you all at the clubhouse after I meet my son.”

“No. Absolutely not!”

Ignoring the irate mother of my child, I sat in a rocker holding York as he tried to eat his hand as if it were a five-course meal. Seeing him in person, I knew without a doubt he was my son. He had my black hair and piercing steel-gray eyes. Poor kid was going to have to fight the ladies off with a bat when he got older.

My boy was a stout little fucker.

Strong too.

“I mean it, Montana. You are not taking my son out of this penthouse!”

“Our son,” I growled, smiling as York slapped air in front of me. Fuck me, he was a cute little bugger. Who knew I could make a kid like this? I sure as hell didn’t. Holding him up in front of me, his little legs kicked wildly. Leaning forward, I smiled at him and said, “York, tell your mother she can either get with the program or I will make her life a living hell.”

My son gurgled happily.

Looking at Tessa, I narrowed my eyes. “You heard him. Pack.”

When my woman refused to move, I sighed. Reaching for my phone, I made a call. “Happy, gather the Retirement Rejects. Get them over to Tessa’s place and pack up York’s stuff.”

“Got it. Packing crew. On our way.”

Disconnecting the call, I put my phone in my back pocket and stood with York in my arms. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?”

Saying nothing, I walked right past her and into the living room, where I saw Mercy and Payne talking with Tia Andrews. When three sets of eyes landed on mine, I stated, “Headed to the clubhouse. Take her to Romano. When you’re done, meet me at the house.”

“Got it,” Mercy said, before turning back to the woman on the couch.

“Damn it, Montana. You can’t just come in here and take over!”

“Watch me,” I replied, heading for the front door. “Move your ass because I’m not waiting for you.”

Walking out the door, I heard Tessa curse as she ran to catch up with me.

“I should have the results within the next twenty-four hours, though I don’t think it’s necessary.” Dr. August Lansing said, putting the seal on the container with my DNA in it. August, or Bane to the club, was a Soulless Sinner brother and one of my best friends.

There wasn’t a childhood memory I had that didn’t have August in it. We were hell on wheels from the get-go, causing trouble and breaking hearts everywhere we went. While we still belonged to the same club, we rarely saw each other anymore. Though his job as Chief of Surgery at St. John’s Presbyterian kept him busy, August still hadn’t forgiven me for what happened the night I made a choice to save my brother, letting his sister die.

“Thank you, August.”

Shrugging his shoulders as if it was nothing, I turned to leave when he asked, “You ever tell Kansas the truth about that night?”


“Your sins are mounting, Montana.”

Narrowing my eyes, I growled, “And so are yours, brother. Shall we discuss those too?”

August angrily grabbed his briefcase and stormed out of the room, saying nothing more. Watching him walk away, I made a mental note to have Malice talk with the good doctor and remind him of the oath he took. While I trusted August to keep his mouth shut, I wasn’t taking any chances.

Entering the main common room, I heard August as he stopped in front of Tessa. “Watch your back, Tess. Asshole doesn’t have a problem walking away if you’re drowning.”

“What?” Tessa gasped, as she looked up at the good doctor.

“Bane!” I roared angrily.

“I’m leaving,” August sneered at me before adding, “Don’t miss your appointment, asshole.”

Storming out of the clubhouse, I tilted my head towards Malice, knowing my brother would follow August.

“Silver, come here,” I said, as the club’s bartender walked over. Silver was a pretty young woman with long dark brown hair with silver streaks and soft doe eyes. A street rat that used to hang around the club. I caught Silver dumpster diving one night for food when she was sixteen. Refusing to go back into the system, I offered her a job cleaning rooms, and doing shit jobs around the club and that was all she wrote. Now twenty-six, Silver was a staple here at the club. Trustworthy to a fault, Silver may work for the club, but only took orders from one person… me.

“Yeah, boss.”

Handing her my son, I said, “Watch him for me. No one holds him. Got it?”

“Got it,” Silver said, walking away with my son towards the kitchen.

“Where is she going with my son?” Tessa yelled, rushing after her when I caught her by the arm, halting her. Swinging her around until she faced me, I glared. “I’d be more worried about you, bitch. It’s time I taught you what happens when you break the rules.”

“Let go of me, Montana!”

Saying nothing more, I hauled Tessa up and over my shoulder as I walked her up the stairs to my bedroom. Ignoring her kicks, screams and punches, I unlocked my door and walked in, before throwing her none too gently on my bed. Before she could bounce off, I moved fast, grabbing her hand before she could slap me across the face. Clasping her wrist tightly, she winced, then screamed loudly, pleading for anyone to come and help her. I could have told her no one was coming, but I didn’t.

Not one single person.

Grabbing both of her hands, I shackled them behind her, pulling her close to me, because I wanted to make damn sure she heard what I was about to say. “Let’s get one thing straight right now. York is our son. Not yours. Not mine. Ours. The next time I hear you say otherwise, I will spank your ass so red you won’t sit down for a fucking week.”


“Shut up. I’m not done talking.”

She gulped.

“You walking out on me? I can forgive. I get it. Your mother needed you. Had you told me, I would have gone with you and helped, but you didn’t give me that chance. Instead, you walked away without telling me shit.”


“I said shut up!” I shouted, pushing her back on the bed. “But you kept our son from me. That is something I will never forgive you for. If you were anyone else, I would kill you with my bare hands. So, I’m going to do to you what you did to me.”

“What?” she gasped, her eyes widening in fear. Walking to the door, I turned and said, “You knew the rules, Tess. You broke them. Enjoy your room. You are going to be here for a long while.”

Shutting the door behind me, I locked it, hearing Tessa scream, hit and kick the door. Ignoring her, I walked away and went to find my son.

It had been two weeks since I locked Tess down and, in that time, I got to know our son. As August said, I got the results of the paternity test. York Devlin Stone was one hundred percent mine. With that confirmation, the rules had truly changed.

The club was hosting our monthly meet and greet and all I could think about was the angry woman upstairs stewing. Sitting with my drink in hand, Barney once more sitting beside me. He wasn’t saying much, but then again, I didn’t expect him to. He was still angry at me because I called and told him Tessa wasn’t coming back to work and he had to foot the bill for the girls’ college fund for the next six months.

Next time he won’t make the mistake of going behind my back.

“Small crop tonight.”

“Yeah,” Barney sulked. “Apparently, one of my girls heard through the grapevine that you claimed Tessa. Pissed her off to no end. She made damn sure to spread the word that you weren’t accepting applicants anymore. Piece hates that you’re not available.”

“Why’s that?”

“She wanted you for herself.”

I smirked at that.

Fucking bitches always wanted the one with power. Women like that piece were a dime a dozen.

“She here?”

Barney nodded towards the bar where a pretty blonde was sitting chatting up Cynic. Nice rack but too much make-up for my tastes. “Name’s Stacie. Got a mouth on her. Should have fired her weeks ago when she went after Tessa.”

“What do you mean, went after Tessa?”

“Stacie was my top earning waitress before Tessa came home. But what the bitch really wanted was center stage. All the girls know dancers make more money, but Stacie can’t dance. Girl moves like a fucking piece of driftwood. Bad for business. When Tessa came back, I demoted Stacie, which caused a shitload of problems.”

“What problems?”

“You know the standard shit like cat fights, thrown drinks, lots of screaming, but when someone broke into Tessa’s locker and stole her tips, I was going to fire Stacie, but Tessa said I couldn’t because whoever took her money covered their face. But I knew it was Stacie.”

“Should have fired the bitch, anyway.”

“I was going to, but Tessa told me she would handle it. Only she never got the chance because you showed up and took her and no one has seen her since. So, tell me, Montana, where is Tessa?”

Rolling my eyes, I took a large swallow of my drink before replying. God, this bastard was like a lion with a sore tooth. I knew he cared about Tessa, but fuck. She wasn’t his blood.

“She’s fine, Barney.”

“Didn’t ask if she was fine, Montana. I asked where she was?” Barney snapped.

Well, well, well. Who knew Barney had a pair?

“She’s upstairs in my room. She’s fine.”

“I want to see her.”

“You’re pushing your luck, Barney. Don’t make me angry.”

Barney shook his head and got to his feet. “I have lots of respect for you and your club, Montana, but this is Tessa we’re talking about. I love that girl as if she were from my flesh. So, understand when I say this. I’m coming back tomorrow. If I don’t see Tessa, I will go to the police and file a missing person’s report.”

Slowly rising myself, I got in the man’s face. “Don’t threaten me. It won’t end well for you.”

Before he could retort, I walked away.

What the fuck was wrong with him? He knew better. His club was still running and making money because I deemed it. Motherfucker had a hard-on for Tessa, and I wanted to know why? What was it about that bitch that had everyone in her fucking corner?

Fuck this shit. Leaving the party, I headed for the offices.

Walking into Shame’s office, I found the brother in front of a wall of monitors, watching the festivities, while a brunette bobbed her head between his legs. “Bring up my room.”

The woman shrieked.

Shame, without missing a step, pushed her head back down on his cock with one hand while typing in a code with another. “What’s up boss? Room’s been quiet for weeks.”

“Just want to see for myself.”

Looking at the screen, I saw Tessa asleep on my bed. Curled onto her side, her back was to the camera. “I want to see her face.”

Shame hit enter, bringing up another camera, and there she was.

My Tessa.

“Send the feed to my phone.” I ordered before turning to leave, shutting the door behind me. Heading for my office, I passed Mercy’s office and saw him sitting at his desk with a bottle of Jack in front of him, drinking a tumbler of amber liquid. That’s when I noticed his bruised and bloody knuckles. Knocking, I stood in the doorway, waiting for him to acknowledge me. “Not tonight, Montana. Whatever it is, have Malice fix it.”

“Thought you had Sophia this weekend?”

“I do. Went to go pick her up to find my wife shacking up with some piece of shit. Fucker wouldn’t even let Largo come to the door when I asked to see her. When I got Sophia to the car, I saw bruises on her arm. Motherfucker touched my kid.”

“Where is Sophia now?”

“With my parents. Wasn’t going to kill that fucker in front of my kid. Dropped my baby girl off and went back to Largo’s. Only the fucker was gone. So was Largo. Something isn’t right, Montana. I know Largo. This isn’t her. She wouldn’t just walk away from me, everything we built, because she was tired of being married to me.”

“Say the word, brother, and I will bring it to the board.”

Mercy shook his head. “No. Not yet.”

“What are you going to do about Sophia? She can’t go back if that fucker is touching her.”

“Texted Fury. He said he would take care of it.”

“What happened to your hands?”


Nodding, I walked away heading for my room when I spotted the prospect Pippen. Grabbing him by his arm, I said, “Whatever you have going on right now, put it on the back burner. I want you on Largo full time and get someone on her twenty-four seven. I want to know everything. Who she sees, talks too, where she shops, everything. Break fucking laws if you must I want answers, and fast.”

“Yes, Prez.”

Letting the kid go, I turned the corner and headed up the back stairs to the officer’s apartments. Reaching for my keys, I unlocked my door and let myself in, closing the door behind me.

It was time for Tessa and me to have a come to Jesus’ meeting.